2007 Apathy "Baptism By Fire" feat. Emilio Lopez, Esoteric [Baptism By Fire]
You say you stack cake, but you look real fake
1996-11-05 Richie Rich "Questions" feat. The Luniz [Seasoned Veteran]
If I don't got five on the eighth, would you fake or smoke it
2006 Saigon "Desperado" [The Return of The Yardfather]
Runnin' 'round all crazy, rockin' a fake jacob
2007-05-15 H.A.W.K. "Ain't Having It" feat. Chris Ward [Endangered Species]
I'm so real, can't stand fake, can't stand those that playa hate
1997 Mood "Karma" [Doom]
Niggas be fake, infiltrate, and try to and steal weight
2000-10-24 Willie D "Lil' Killaz" [Loved By Few, Hated By Many]
They ain't fake, them young niggaz pushing much weight
2000 Kingpin Skinny Pimp "Cock Roaches" feat. 211 [Controversy]
Bitch, I push weight state to state, you can fake
2005-02-15 E.S.G. "You Don't Know E" [Family Business]
Ain't no mistakes, I ain't fake, moving CDs like they weight