Inspectah Deck


1999-10-05 Inspectah Deck "Hyperdermix" [Uncontrolled Substance]
Yo, the bare facts make 'em take flight like Air Max
1996-04-09 Chino XL "Many Different Ways" [Here To Save You All]
Skip the silly, facts is what you really lacks, your city give me daps
2009-03-24 Slim Thug "I'm Back" feat. Devin The Dude [Boss of All Bosses]
Continue to spit facts you can bump in them lacs
1995-09-26 Das EFX "Hardcore Rap Act" [Hold It Down]
Strictly kickin' facts, and then we max like TJ
1988-07-25 Eric B. & Rakim "Put Your Hands Together" [Follow The Leader]
The chance to put actual facts on wax
1990 Laquan "Witness The Drift" [Notes of A Native Son]
State facts on wax and make a million too
1992-06-09 Tung Twista "Snap Happy" [Runnin' Off At Da Mouth]
Facts on wax, when I step, instead of footprints, I leave tire tracks
1992-11-23 Paris "Check It Out Ch'All" [Sleeping With The Enemy]
I'm showin you the facts on wax 'til your mind has grown
1994-06-21 Grand Daddy I.U. "As I Flow On" [Lead Pipe]
Stack packs on tracks on wax, here's the facts
1996-07-02 DJ Honda "Kill The Noize" feat. Problemz [DJ Honda]
Puttin the facts on wax, bout to blow like a sax
1998-03-24 DJ Honda "Around The Clock" feat. Problemz [h II]
Puttin' facts on wax without hesitation
1999-07-27 Craig G "I Hate Hip Hop" [Process of Elimination]
All that tough talk on wax ain't according to many facts
2000-06-20 The Nextmen "Break The Mould" feat. Grap Luva [Amongst The Madness]
Hittin' on facts, weavin' gold on wax
2006-07-31 Little Brother "Boondock Saints" feat. Chaundon, L.E.G.A.C.Y. [Separate But Equal]
I'ma put it on wax and give you the raw facts
2012-10-29 Lil B "Halloween H20" [Holloween H2O]
History and the voice on wax, all I gotta do is spit the facts