1996-11-12 Eminem "313" feat. Eye-Kyu [Infinite]
Skip over the D's and rock the microphone with ease
2005-07-26 Scarlett "What Ryders Do" feat. Aja, Kartoon [Ruff Ryders: Volume 4: The Redemption]
I move at heavy speeds, I let the D's debate, ease the brakes
1995-09-26 Das EFX "Alright" [Hold It Down]
Squeeze these, cos we're gettin paid by the G's wit ease, word up
2001-02-27 Dirty "Candyman" [The Pimp & Da Gangsta]
Dirty skeez, won't you freeze at ease
2000-08-08 De La Soul "Set The Mood" feat. Indeed [Art Official Intelligence (Mosaic Thump)]
I peeped the stee, then I crushed her with ease
1990-07-01 Run-D.M.C. "Bob Your Head" [Back From Hell]
Weave with ease and please the steez with G's