Prince Paul


1996 La The Darkman "I Want It All" [I Want It All / As The World Turns]
I got big dreams for schemes to have diamond rings and cream, and tote nines with infrared beams
1999-02-23 Prince Paul "You Got Shot" feat. Breeze Brewin', Sha [A Prince Among Thieves]
My cream I protect, your dreams I respect
2005-05-10 Juice "All You Got" [All Bets Off]
Cream and guns, I'm feeling like our rap dreams have begun
2007-03-13 Mobb Deep "Crime Connection" feat. Cormega [The Infamous Archives]
Had dreams to bag ki's and fill duffel bags with mad G's
1998-03-03 Scarface "Hustler" feat. Hoodlumz [My Homies]
Knawmean? They tryin to stop dreams and block creams
1995-03-14 2Pac "Lord Knows" [Me Against The World]
Picture your dreams on a triple beam
1998-01-20 Young Bleed "Bring The Noise" feat. Master P, Mystikal [My Balls & My Word]
I'm thinkin about my ghetto dreams on a triple beam
1998-03-31 Gang Starr "My Advice 2 You" [Moment of Truth]
2003-10-07 Shabazz The Disciple "Organized Rime Pt. 2" [The Book of Shabazz: The Hidden Scrollz]
Street dreams weighing a cake on a triple beam