Gospel Gangstaz


1999-05-18 Gospel Gangstaz "Once Was Blind" [I Can See Clearly Now]
Can't doubt that I'm about that, trying to make some scrill, gotta pay those bills
1980 The Treacherous Three "The New Rap Language" feat. Spoonie Gee [The New Rap Language / Love Rap]
Have no doubt, I turn it out
1988-02-23 Biz Markie "Biz Is Goin' Off" [Goin' Off]
I can turn it out without a doubt in any season
1989-06-09 LL Cool J "Nitro" [Walking With A Panther]
There's no doubt about the fact I turn it out
1989-09-05 Young MC "Got More Rhymes" [Stone Cold Rhymin']
Rock the place without a doubt, now, I'm gonna turn it out
1993-05-04 Run-D.M.C. "3 In The Head" [Down With The King]
Without a doubt, I'ma shout, about to turn it out
1994-09-13 Big Daddy Kane "The Way It's Goin' Down" [Daddy's Home]
Turn it out without a doubt and show what I'm about
1995-04-19 Dre Dog "Killa Whale" [I Hate You With A Passion]
Without a doubt I'll turn it out, I ain't got no time to clown
1996-10-22 Above The Law "Playaz & Gangstas" [Time Will Reveal]
South Central in the house, without doubt, we turn it out
2001-07-31 Tha Eastsidaz "Crip Hop" feat. Latoiya Williams [Duces 'n Trayz: The Old Fashioned Way]
Baby, have no doubt, we gonna turn it out
2003-03-11 Buju Banton "Good Times" feat. Beres Hammond, Fat Joe [Friends For Life]
There is no doubt, tonight we gonna turn it out