2012-09-25 Danny! "Evil" feat. Amber Tamblyn, Gavin Castleton [Payback]
Somebody gon' merk the kid for all of the dirt I did
2001 The Last Emperor "The Umph" feat. Cocoa Brovaz [The Banger/The Umph/Monolith]
Y'all the type that smoke dirt, easy to be merked
2006-08-29 C-Note "Network'n" feat. Billy Cook [Network'n]
Six feet in the dirt, your whole crew get merked
2007-09-11 Madd Kapp "Sweet Mizery" [Less Than Zero]
Then I murk 'em, just to bring 'em to dirt and fuckin hurt 'em
2002-08-06 Cage "Crowd Killer" [Movies For The Blind]
Get slammed in the dirt, murked, and earth plate shaked
2002 Ed O.G. "Be Thankful" [Wishful Thinking]
Tried not to get murked when I was doin my dirt
2007-07-03 T.I. "Hurt" feat. Alfa Mega, Busta Rhymes [T.I. Vs. T.I.P.]
Boy, you finna get hurt, murked, put him in the dirt
2003-05-06 Daz Dillinger "I'll Beacho Azz" [DPGC: U Know What I'm Throwin' Up]
Get hurt, skirt out from all this dirt
2006-07-25 Inspectah Deck "It's Not A Game" feat. House Gang, Suga Bang Bang [The Resident Patient]
Pusher man stay with the work, still playing the dirt