Naughty By Nature


1999-04-27 Naughty By Nature "Thugs & Hustlers" feat. Krayzie Bone, Mag [Nineteen Naughty Nine: Nature's Fury]
All motherfuckin day, off that Henny blessed with Alizé
1993-11-16 Queen Latifah "Just Another Day" [Black Reign]
Just another day, living in the hood, just another day around the way
1995-01-10 Smif-N-Wessun "Bucktown" [Dah Shinin]
Night fall around the way, original heads come out to play, puff herb, break day
1998-03-31 Gang Starr "Betrayal" feat. Scarface [Moment of Truth]
Each and every day around the way gats bust
2014-04-15 Dizzy Wright "Reunite For the Night" [State of Mind EP]
Man, that shit so cray, I be smoking to your music every day
2015-09-25 Fetty Wap "No Days Off" feat. Monty [Fetty Wap]
We have dreams of this day, now the streets going cray
1996-10-29 Gangsta Blac "V-Dog & Da Gangsta" feat. V-Dog [Can It Be?]
Every fuckin' day, parkway, chiefin' plenty hay
1996 Crucial Conflict "Final Tic" [The Final Tic]
Smoking on hay every day in the Chi-town
2000-03-25 Lil Rob "No One To Depend On" [High Till I Die]
Kicking back on the corner, smoking a j every day
2001-04-17 Califa Thugs "Buckles Up" [Califa Thugs]
Smokin' and chokin' and puffin', then takin' a hit from a big fat j every day
1999-12-11 Lil Rob "No One To Depend On" [Natural High]
Smokin' a jay every day
2001-05-15 Cannibal Ox "Vein" [The Cold Vein]
Pimping jays all day
2008-09-16 Nelly "Stepped On My J'Z" feat. Ciara, Jermaine Dupri [Brass Knuckles]
I rock a different year of j'z e'ry day
2002-01-01 Lil Boosie "It's Going Down, Part 2" [For My Thugz]
I tote a brand new K, just to see a new day
2013-12-17 King Louie "Again" [Drilluminati 2]
Shots get let off in a day, dissect a man with a K
1996-08-27 Sir Mix-A-Lot "Lead Yo Horse" feat. Malika [Return of The Bumpasaurus]
Players stay paid all day, but yo ass stays broke and high
2000-06-13 Slum Village "Get Dis Money" [Fantastic, Vol. 2]
Every day the holiday, so nigga stay paid
1992-06-23 Eric B. & Rakim "Rest Assured" [Don't Sweat The Technique]
I don't stress my day, cause it's best to parlay
1997-01-10 Master P "Bangin'" feat. Westside Connection [West Coast Bad Boyz II]
I push tha cavi all day to parlay, when niggaz trip, I spray
2005 Hell Razah "H&R Blocks" [My Life: Heaven & Hell]
Still smoke me an ounce a day, violate, four pounds are sprayed
2006-08-22 OutKast "In Your Dreams" feat. Janelle Monáe, Killer Mike [Idlewild]
Typical day off in the A
2008-01-04 Killer Mike "My Chrome" feat. Big Boi [Ghetto Extraordinary]
Man, you should stay a day in the A
2008-03-07 Snoop Dogg "Life of Da Party" feat. Mistah F.A.B., Too Short [Ego Trippin]
What do ya know, I'm in the A gettin' play all day
1996-04-16 Master P "Sellin' Ice Cream" feat. Mo B. Dick [Ice Cream Man]
Just another day, sellin' ice cream in the bay
1998-05-19 8Ball "Let's Ride" feat. MJG [Lost]
From Memphis to the bay, niggas dyin all day
2011-10-04 Styles P "It's Ok" feat. Jadakiss [Master of Ceremonies]
Little weed from the Bay and the pink all day
2012-06-23 Lil B "Where Ya From Gurl" [Green Flame]
Stuntin' every day in the bay, nigga
2009-05-12 Gucci Mane "Yella Diamonds" [Murder Was The Case]
Time to work, no time to play, every day I'm off in yay, usin' cocallina
2011-11-15 Drake "Lord Knows" feat. Rick Ross [Take Care]
Every day them hammers bang, whippin yay like Anna Mae
2013-08-16 A$AP Ferg "Shabba" feat. A$AP Rocky [Trap Lord]
Flacko be mobbin' all day with niggas that's chopping that yay