Naughty By Nature


1993-02-23 Naughty By Nature "It's On" [19 Naughty III]
To the breaka breaka dawn it's on
1990-09-24 Candyman "Nightgown" [Ain't No Shame In My Game]
When I say to you it's on, I mean like Donkey Kong 'til the break of dawn
1999-02-23 The Roots "Don't See Us" feat. Dice Raw [Things Fall Apart]
Niggaz price bricks till dawn, if the money is long
1996-11-05 Makaveli "Hail Mary" feat. Kastro, Prince Ital, Young Noble [The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory]
Word is bond, when I was broke, I had to hustle til dawn
1999-01-31 Sunz of Man "Lulla Bye (Evil Lulla Byez)" feat. Zodiac Killah [The First Testament]
Word is bond, I rock from the dusk till dawn