2003-08-19 T.I. "24's" [Trap Muzik]
My tools spark in the dark when I fool marks
2001-02-12 DJ Tomekk "Fuck You" feat. MC Serch [Return of Hip Hop]
What you standin there for like you a narc in the dark?
2001-09-25 Guru "Collectin' Props" feat. Killa Kaine, Mr. Moe, Pete Powers [Baldhead Slick & Da Click]
My cousin's a narc, said sleep in the day, come out when it's dark
1997-10-28 The Psycho Realm "Temporary Insanity" feat. B-Real [The Psycho Realm]
Narcs are led to the dark, then brought down
2000-11-07 Outlawz "Mask Down" [Ride Wit Us Or Collide Wit Us]
The narcs, the niggas in the park, and you have to have your heat, because it's crazy after dark, nigga
1995-03-07 Nine "Any Emcee" [Nine Livez]
Knock em out the park, after dark I spark l's
1997-04-15 Artifacts "Where Yo Skillz At?" [That's Them]
I play the parks after dark and spark l's until my head bust
2004-02-17 Lil Rob "Neighborhood Music" [Neighborhood Music]
Party at the park after dark, it don't start until I spark up the joint of mine
2000-06-13 G&E Music "The March" [G&E Music Volume 1 & 2]
4:20 is sparked on the dark side of the moon