Mac Dre


2005-05-17 Mac Dre "My Chevy" [Back n da Hood]
Man, I’m so cool, in my old school
1988-06-07 EPMD "Strictly Business" [Strictly Business]
When I roll, I stroll, cool, always pack a tool
1991 Del the Funky Homosapien "Burnt" feat. Hieroglyphics [Mistadobalina]
1995-06-01 The B.U.M.S. "Non-Stoppin' The Groove" [Life'n'tyme]
Cool, but at times I pack a tool
1995 Jemini The Gifted One "Brooklyn Kids" [Scars & Pain EP]
Everybody lost their cool, no more shanks; we had graduated to the tool
1996-11-12 Eminem "Infinite" [Infinite]
I never packed a tool or acted cool, it wasn't practical
1998-09-01 Kurupt "The Life" feat. El Drex [Kuruption!]
Pull the tool now, why can't we keep it on the cool now
1998-11-24 2Pac "Changes" [Greatest Hits]
That's the sound of my tool, you say it ain't cool
2000-12-05 Memphis Bleek "Hustlers" feat. Beanie Sigel [The Understanding]
Niggas wanna see the Memph go and lose his cool, go and use his tool
2003 T-Pop "Go Gettaz" feat. Buddah Man [Wise Guy]
I never trip, I play it cool, if a nigga act up, I spray the tool
2004-03-16 U-God "Take It To The Top" feat. Desert Eagle, Inf-Black, King Just, Letha Face [U-Godzilla Presents The Hillside Scramblers]
Got ladies that play it cool and keep the tool in they dress
2008-02-08 Spooks "Things I've Seen" [S.I.O.S.O.S.]
Packin' a tool, fuck you, mom dukes, it's cool
2008-07-22 Big Pokey "I'm From The South" feat. Mr. Lee [Evacuation Notice]
If they wanna act a fool, it's cool, I got the tool with me
2008-07-29 Elzhi "Talking In My Sleep" [The Preface]
That's cool, I got a tool full of ammunition
2014-06-15 Z-Ro "Live Your Life" [The Crown]
Cool as a fan, but when it get gangsta, they'll have that tool in they hand
1999-04-06 Nas "Small World" [I Am...]
Shit is cool now, put the tools down? Never
1999-04-27 The Herbaliser "Mission Improbable" feat. What What [Very Mercenary]
I played it cool, peeped the tools they carried in they hand
2012-08-27 A$AP Mob "Full Metal Jacket" [Lords Never Worry]
All of my tools, all of my jewels, man, I'm awfully cool