2005-08-01 L.E.O. "Kill A Nigga" [Bottom Up, Vol. 1]
I come to ya block, know them tools is cocked
2005-02-15 E.S.G. "Bosses" feat. Brandon Stacks, Killa B [Family Business]
Tick tock, Jacob watch, yellow rocks, glock cocked
1996-12-03 Three 6 Mafia "Last Man Standing" feat. Gangsta Blac, M-Child [The End]
We tote them glocks and keep them cocked and never hesitate
2002-09-24 Nas "My Worst Enemy" [The Lost Tapes]
Trigger pawn cocked glocks, spray up your mom's spot
1997-05-13 Juvenile "Hide Out Or Ride Out" feat. Lil Wayne, Turk [Solja Rags]
I'm a hot boy, nine-milli cocked boy
1995-07-25 Bone Thugs-n-Harmony "Mr. Bill Collector" [E. 1999 Eternal]
Sawed-off on the block cocked, ready to pop ya