Kool G Rap


1995-09-12 Kool G Rap "Take 'Em To War" feat. B1, MF Grimm [4, 5, 6]
I gots to run up on a clown with the fo' pound
2008-07-29 Freddie Foxxx "Cook A Niggaz Ass" feat. Kool G Rap [Crazy Like A Foxxx]
Now I gots ta run up on a clown with the four-pound
1992-10-20 Grand Puba "Who Makes The Loot?" feat. Brand New Heavies [Reel To Reel]
Give a pound to a friend, put a tool to a clown
1993-07-06 Akinyele "30 Days" [Vagina Diner]
Pass the three-pound, show it to king clown, and watch him lounge
1996-10-29 Black Moon "Buckshot's Freestyle Joint" [Diggin' In Dah Vaults]
Break you fucking down, you's a clown, with my tre-pound