Ill Bill


1992-06-23 Eric B. & Rakim "What's Going On?" [Don't Sweat The Technique]
Cut class, smoked grass, still passed
2002-05-14 Cam'Ron "Tomorrow" [Come Home With Me]
We would puff grass, plus hash, cut class
2004-08-24 Jim Jones "Around My Way" [On My Way To Church]
Puffin' grass, cuttin class, jus' tryin' play my part
2006 Solomon Childs "Which Way You Going" feat. Killarmy [The Wake]
A young ass, we used to cut class, smoke the greenest grass
2008-09-16 Ill Bill "Too Young" feat. Hero, Slaine [The Hour of Reprisal]
I started puffin' grass, drinkin' 40s, cuttin' class