LL Cool J


1994-05-19 C-BO "America's Nightmare" [The Autopsy]
Fuck the coppers, let 'em have it with the choppers
2000-02-01 Yungstar "Lane 2 Lane" feat. Lil' Flex, Lil' James, Wood [Throwed Yung Playas Part 3]
Lane to lane in the dropper, stretch Excursions on choppers
2006-03-07 Juvenile "Way I Be Leanin'" feat. Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Skip, Wacko [Reality Check]
Comin down on choppers single file with all the trunk poppers
1997-10-14 LL Cool J "Another Dollar" [Phenomenon]
Chicks in choppers with they thong sittin' proper
1995-12-05 Spice 1 "Mobbin'" [1990-Sick]
Smokin under them choppers, O.G.'s see me and give me propers