The Firm


1997-10-21 The Firm "Hardcore" [The Album]
Should've known to control that chick, hoes mad cos I roll the 6
2001-03-20 Mack 10 "Steady Griding" feat. Cash Money Millionaires [Exit Wounds Soundtrack]
Known and loved by every hoochie, bitch, and project chick
2000-07-11 Big L "The Triboro" feat. Fat Joe, O.C., Remy Ma [The Big Picture]
Dimes I'm willin to hit, I stay drillin a chick
2003-03-25 The Diplomats "Dipset Anthem" [Diplomatic Immunity]
I stood alone, getting dome from a thick chick in sandles
1999-06-15 Heavy D "Listen" feat. Q-Tip [Heavy]
When I leave the whip, what y'all notice first, the dime chick or the crucifix