A Tribe Called Quest


1991-09-24 A Tribe Called Quest "Check The Rhime" [The Low End Theory]
I come correct in full effect, have all my hoes in check
1993-03-23 Ice-T "I Ain't New Ta This" [Home Invasion]
Just kick correct with the 1-2 mic check
2000-01-01 Omni "Freaking It Well" [Burgundy Brown]
You better come correct, and check your ego
2004 Apathy "Womanizer" [Where's Your Album?!!]
I come correct in full effect, got all my hoes in check
2013-11-26 Starlito "Insomnia Addict" [Fried Turkey]
I went straight from jects to a check
1995-11-21 Coolio "Bright As The Sun" [Gangsta's Paradise]
Ya gots to roll a lex and collect a fat check
1996-11-05 Tela "Let It Rain" [Piece of Mind]
Go and get that check, red Chev and the Lex
1997-10-21 Salt-n-Pepa "Boy Toy" feat. Spinderella [Brand New]
You take the keys to my Lex and this here blank check
1995-07-11 Bushwick Bill "Subliminal Criminal" feat. Sherm [Phantom of The Rapra]
You best to check your vest and don't be rollin' by me sloppy