2005-06-15 Quasimoto "Closer" feat. MF Doom [The Further Adventures of Lord Quas]
Astro black on attack, you up on the bozack
2006-07-11 J.R. Writer "Byrd Call" feat. Cam'Ron [History In The Making]
When you see the narcs attack, let me know, start to clap
2004 Crooked I "Renegade '04" [Young Boss Vol. 1]
Gave my people crack, counter attack that with the RICO act
2011-10-10 Kid Ink "Break It Down" [Wheels Up]
Pound that pussy like a dap, hope you ready for attack
1998-03-17 C-Murder "Riders" [Life Or Death]
We ride bourbans and llacs when it's time to attack
1996-12-10 Redman "Da Ill Out" feat. Def Squad [Muddy Waters]
Bomb attack on wax, lyrical mini MAC to your back
1989-10-10 Ice-T "What Ya Wanna Do?" feat. Rhyme Syndicate [The Iceberg/Freedom Of Speech...]
Strapped for the attack, Randy Mac is rollin
1989-06-09 LL Cool J "Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?" [Walking With A Panther]
Way to attack the wack, cut 'em down to size
1991-03-05 Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs "I'm Different" [Life of A Kid In The Ghetto]
1994-01-18 Nas "It Ain't Hard To Tell (Remix)" [It Ain't Hard To Tell]
My raps react, they attack the wack just like a maniac
1999-07-20 EPMD "It's My Thing" [Out of Business]
The wack I subtract, the strong I attack
2007-05-25 Lost Secret "What If God Was A Girl" feat. Jakineko [Queens Hall of Science]
I'm back to attack the wack
1992-11-24 Apache "Wayz of A Murderahh" [Apache Ain't Shit]
Attack the whack, and dump the bodies