The Sugarhill Gang


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a hip-hop lyricist, someone who writes and performs raps
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Collocates gun-clapper10 wack8 -ass6 trapper5 backpacker4 booty4 flavor4 front4 paid4 stunt4 crazy3 drop3 no homo3 shit3 as shit2 backpack2 beef2 body2 cock-strong2 crack2 fugazi2 hoe2 kick2 maintain2 new jack2 Philly2 punk2 throwback2 toolie2 tryna2 wackness2 weed2 187 A and R ⋅ air out as fuck ayo baby mama ballin ⋅ battle ⋅ biatch biter ⋅ blaze ⋅ block booyaka bout ⋅ bozack buck ⋅ bumrush Bushwick bust cabbage Caddy peel someone's cap Casper chopstick clap ⋅ clown on cracker ⋅ crazy dap dog dope dopeness down with ⋅ dreads ⋅ drop science DT figures flow 40 G gangbanger ⋅ gangsta gangsta lean gangsta gat ghetto go hard green half-step hard heat herb hip-hop hip-hopper hoodie hot Hot 97 iced-out jacker ⋅ Jacob 'jects keep it real Kool-Aid l mad mad MC mental nickel nina on lock on the grind on the low on the regular on wax Oreo pimp ⋅ pimped out played-out presidential projects props punk -iggity rap raw ⋅ realness represent rhyme sayer roll roll on roll with ruckus shotta shotty skeeze slanger sleep on snatch ⋅ sneak dis spit step to ⋅ stripes sucker duck swag swagger thug Timbs trip triple beam turn it out uncut ⋅ Vogue wick-wack yo
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