Mac Dre & Mac Mall


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Categories Quantities
Collocates stack6, pack6, rap3, sack3, blow2, chain2, slang2, rolly2, stack2, straight up2, bitch2, hella, hit a lick, hoe, ki, kush, lettuce, Mac, MAC-11, make it rain, onion, paper, ride, Rover, rubber band, shit, spit, squad, stunt, to the max, trap, trap, True, bank, presidential, all about, beat, cheese, club, commas, flip, front, gat, geeked up, gouda
Domains Money
Etymology perhaps after audio-equipment racks, which are also stacked
Synonyms knot, stack
Related concepts green, guap, lettuce, long, loot, mail, paper, root of evil, scratch, scrill, scrilla, snaps, tall

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