Mobb Deep


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Queensbridge, a social housing development in Long Island City, Queens, New York City
Categories Abbreviations, Locations
Collocates BK5, 41st side5, rep4, Y.O.3, crew3, what up2, beef2, hood2, boogie-down2, game, Hollis, in the house, la, L.I., PJs, puff, represent, roll, Shaolin, thug, to the fullest, V.A., yo, yo, Brooklawn, New Jeruz, Philly, 40th side, homie, pop, thug, 9, block, BX, CPT, cold, CP3, Dutch, ends
Region East Coast, N Y C
Etymology Derives from Queensbridge
Holonyms 718, Q-Boro
Synonyms the Bridge
Related concepts BK, Bucktown, BX, Marcy, Shaolin
Rhymes P2, CP3, me

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