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Collocates hops7 hip-hop4 bust2 homie2 nuff2 knot2 mad2 rock2 yo2 crazy2 shot2 wreck shop2 booyaka2 cock dog dreadlocks ⋅ drop drop ends ghetto -iggity glock hate ⋅ hella hip-hopper hood ki MC parlay peep play ⋅ player-hate proper punk rapper rep ⋅ rep ⋅ rhyme seed ⋅ sleep on snatch ⋅ son spot ⋅ straight up stunt sucker duck True tryna word ⋅ step off ⋅ keep it real peeps pop ⋅ 808 and shit back in the day biatch biscuit bitch bust chop ⋅ clip
Etymology Derives from propers
Synonyms dap propers
Related words proper

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