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an urban social housing development
Collocates rep4 hard3 thugged-out2 Calio2 loot2 on lock2 come up2 roll2 push2 set2 bitch2 slang2 bop bubblegoose Bushwick Calliope ⋅ cheese corner ⋅ D's D dap dead president delf DJ ⋅ dome indo 50 ⋅ fresh fuck with fuck with gang sign ⋅ gangbanger ⋅ gangsta ghetto ghost glock hater hit a lick hoe hold it down hood hood rich hood-rat hustle j's label ⋅ Lex yayo mad MC mine ⋅ nappy ⋅ nick Nolia nuff one-time parlay phat ⋅ PJs player-hate product ⋅ pump ⋅ QBC rapper represent retarded ride ⋅ rims sit on skully slang stay ⋅ straight up street ⋅ throw up ⋅ trap vest ⋅ wannabe ⋅ wig word up ⋅ yac yo Benzo Lorenzo Chiraq dope hood l posse ⋅ 187 40 6 air out as shit B ⋅ biatch

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