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the police
Collocates low-low6, 445, hoe5, fuck with5, dope4, 5-04, dough3, block3, homie3, loco3, rock3, roll3, smoke3, yo3, bust3, dro3, l2, for sure2, spray2, game2, bust2, crack2, dick2, dip2, gat2, blow2, bail2, bitch2, no homo2, ride2, roll on2, snitch2, trip2, tryna2, punk2, player-hater2, pig2, on the low low2, hip-hop, hustler, hustle, hustle, hydro, jack, jake, knock, life, loc, maintain, murk, on the d-low, on point, on the low, one-time, pack, peep out, pen, pimp, player, pop, pound, puff, put it down, rap, reefer, roll, shot-caller, shot, slang, slug, smoke, snatch, snitch, spliff, spot, steel, steelo, straight, strap, sucker, sweat, switch, thug, tip, twisted, vest, weight, whip, wild, yo, bend corners, Calico, chop, -ass, 64, Ac, Audi, beef, bird, blast, blast, blaze, blow, blunt, bud, bug out, burn, bust a cap, CO, cane, candy, chicken, clip, clique, coke, crib, dolo, down, elroy, fade, flip, flow, gangbanger, gang, gangsta, ghetto, ghetto, grass, hater, hella
Domains Law Enforcement
Synonyms 5-0, chota, elroy, one-time, squally
Related concepts hootie hoo

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