Kevie Kev


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a successful, powerful person;
a promiscuous person
Collocates rhyme sayer15, the Bay7, pimp6, gators6, Chi-town6, baller5, H-town5, hustler5, flavor4, pusher4, boss4, player-hate4, hater3, A.T.L.3, game2, pimp2, mack daddy2, platinum2, gangsta2, mail2, weight2, presidential2, mack2, 4152, baby mama2, Timbs2, ball2, dope2, simp2, figures2, pimp2, yo2, ill2, paid2, stack2, fuck with, game, get over, break off, ghetto, ghetto-fabulous, go hard, grind, grinder, guap, hard, havin' thangs, hella, hit a lick, holla, holla at, holla at ya boy, homie, how we do, hundred spoke, hustle, I'mma, in the cut, it's on, keep it real, knock, l, LBC, on lock, on the grind, ounce, papes, parlay, pen, Philly, play, player-hate on, po-po, pop, push, real, regulator, rider, right chea, roll, Sac-town, scrill, shot-caller, smooth, snitch, soldier, spark up, steppers, third coast, throwed, thugged-out, tight, trill, true dat, True, turn it out, U.P.T., uncut, wet up, what it is, word is bond, ya heard, mean-mug, narc, O.G., max, biatch, cake, chillin' like a villain, for real, Garcia Vega, hate, hoochie, mad, Nolia, peep, presidential, rolly, roll with, stunt, wannabe, proper, work, fuckboy, mash out, bend corners, chips, cock-block, D, for sure, rap, recognize, represent, slang, trap, steelo, yac, 213, 420, A-town, ballin, barre, Benz, bitch, bling, blunted, bopper, bub, buck-fifty, cake, Cali, candy, check, chill, clock, corner, crew, crunked, cuff, dime, dimepiece, down, fed, fetti, floss, 40, four pounder, frosty, froze, fuck with
Derivatives player-hater
Synonyms baller, big willie, boss, shot-caller
Related words player-hate

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