Nigga's Off The Street


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a member of the Piru set, part of the Bloods gang, founded in Los Angeles, California
Categories Gangs
Collocates Crip11 blood7 Bompton2 gang2 blue ⋅ bool color ⋅ Compton ⋅ crew diss dump on ⋅ fuck with gangbang ⋅ homie loc'd up punk rep ⋅ slang slob ⋅ stay ⋅ tool what's up shout-out ⋅ beef bitch block
Domains Crime Violence
Region Los angeles West coast
Etymology from Piru, a street in Compton; the Bloods & Crips song "Piru Love" explains, "Piru is Crip in reverse, put the 'c's on his back"
Shout-outs Hit Squad Nas

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