The Treacherous Three


transitive verb
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to observe;
to listen to
Collocates hoe3 creep3 game3 flavor2 game2 steelo2 yo2 tool2 steez2 clock ⋅ club cock cream D D's D DT figures flow freak ⋅ get over hella homie hustler hustle iced-out in the cut ish LBC legit ⋅ locster MC off the hook peace out peep out ⋅ player recognize ⋅ rep ⋅ rhyme ride ⋅ rock roll on roscoe run game on shife simp slang soldier ⋅ straight up sweat ⋅ thugged-out time underdig wanksta wet up ⋅ peeps gauge opp son stee 411 four pound bammer bank bust a move buster
Shout-outs Big Syke Chris Rock Grym Jeep Posdnuous Sir Mix-A-Lot Tom Ford

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