intransitive verb
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to relax;
to enjoy oneself
Antonyms loc out, trip, wild out
Collocates ball8, play3, around the way3, blunt2, l2, I'mma2, A.T.L., ayo, bitch, BK, boom, candy, club, corner, crew, dip, drop, dunn, flip the script, G, gang, grain, green, grill, Hen, Hennessy, homie, hood, hyphy, ill, in the cut, kick, lick off, lucci, mental, pack, papes, pigeon, pimp, platinum, playa-made, player, plex, posse, post up, projects, props, puff, puff, raw, regulate, rhyme, shot, show out, straight, straight up, sucker, the Bay, vato, Henny, chill, fly, 40, 44, Alizé

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