intransitive verb
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to relax;
to enjoy oneself
Antonyms loc out, trip, wild out
Collocates ball8, around the way3, chill3, I'mma3, play3, blunt2, fly2, l2, 24-7, 40, 44, Alizé, A.T.L., ayo, bitch, BK, boom, candy, cavi, cheddar, club, corner, crew, dip, drop, dunn, flip the script, G, gang, god, grain, green, grill, hard, Hen, Hennessy, homie, hood, hyphy, ill, in the cut, kick, lick off, lucci, mental, pack, papes, pigeon, pimp, platinum, playa-made, player, plex, posse, post up, projects, props, puff, puff, push, raw, regulate, rhyme, shot, show out, slide, son, spray, straight, straight up, sucker, the Bay, trip, vato, yo, Henny

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