Too $hort


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Collocates stack13 long11 flavor9 on the grind4 scratch4 bitch3 crazy3 fetti3 scrill3 scrilla3 weight3 about2 all about2 block2 crack2 dough2 fuck with2 gank2 go hard2 hard2 hustle2 kick2 mad2 maintain2 mayne2 plug2 rap2 run game on2 straight2 tryna2 wodie2 yo2 187 211 all about ⋅ all that ⋅ B.I. baller ⋅ bitch blow ⋅ bopper bout ⋅ bread brick broccoli cake up caked up cavi cheddar cheese chill chips chop ⋅ chronic ⋅ clique clock ⋅ cock-block coke ⋅ commas connect cut up dead president dime sack dinero DJ ⋅ down ⋅ drop ends fin -iz- ⋅ floss on for sure ⋅ four pound front G gangsta Garcia Vega god gouda grind half-stepper hater homie hood hooptie hustle hype in the cut jawn j loot ⋅ lucci money-maker move no doubt ⋅ O.G. on swoll on the daily on the regular pack pimp ⋅ presidential pusher push rack real ⋅ rocked up roll out roll shit ⋅ shorty ⋅ shot-caller show and prove straight up stunt swag Swisher the vapors tool trap yayo z
Domains Money
Synonyms bank bread broccoli cabbage cake celery cheddar cheese chips commas cream decimals digits dinero dough ends feta fetti figures gouda green guac guacamole guap lettuce lucci luchini mail pape papes root of evil scrill scrilla snaps trap yaper

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