Too $hort


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Collocates stack19, long12, flavor9, bitch4, on the grind4, scratch4, about3, crazy3, fetti3, maintain3, scrill3, scrilla3, straight3, swag3, tryna3, weight3, all about2, bang2, block2, bout2, chips2, crack2, dough2, fuck with2, go hard2, gouda2, grind2, hard2, hustle2, I'mma2, kick2, mad2, mayne2, plug2, rap2, wodie2, yo2, 187, 211, all about, B.I., baller, bang, beat, biatch, bitch, blow, bopper, bread, brick, broccoli, cake, cake up, caked up, cavi, cheddar, cheese, chill, chop, chronic, clique, clock, cock-block, coke, commas, connect, cuff, cut up, dead president, dinero, DJ, down, drop, ends, fin', -iz-, floss on, for sure, four pound, front, G, gangsta, gank, Garcia Vega, get busy, god, good, half-stepper, hater, homie, hood, hood rich, hooptie, hype, in the cut, jawn, j, loot, lucci, mail, money-maker, move, no doubt, O.G., on swoll, on the daily, on the regular, pack, pimp, presidential, pusher, push, rack, real, rocked up, roll out, run game on, shit, shorty, shot-caller, show and prove, stack up, steady, straight up, stunt, Swisher, the vapors, third coast, tool, trap, yayo, z
Derivatives pape, papes
Domains Money
Related concepts long, tall

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