Cold Crush Brothers

on wax

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in a recording
Collocates bang15, rap6, spit6, stack4, dis4, I'mma4, diss4, -ass3, beat3, bitch3, gat3, hot3, rap3, rap3, cat3, DJ3, drop2, kick2, beef2, beef2, yo2, what's up2, rugged2, shit2, wack2, rhyme2, live2, mack2, rep2, dope2, crack2, jam, joint, Mac, MC, pen, platinum, play, plex, push, rapper, real, real, rhyme, rip, scratch, scratch, smooth, soft, spit, straight, talk shit, thug, underground, wack, wild, chinchilla, butter-soft, check, for real, represent, wild on, as shit, bang, bitch, bite, booty, break it down, break off, bust, buster, bust, clap, clique, cop, correct, crab, def, drop, feel, fiend, finna, for real, front, fuck with, gangsta, gauge, go hard, hardcore, homie, hood, ill
Domains Music
Etymology a reference to early, wax-based media, on which recorded sounds were engraved
Related concepts bust, flow, go off, hip-hop, rap, represent, rhyme, rip, rock, spit

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