Cold Crush Brothers

on wax

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in a recording
Collocates bang12 spit5 rap4 stack4 -ass3 rap3 diss3 I'mma3 rap3 beat3 bitch3 DJ3 gat3 shit2 wack2 dope2 beef2 live2 mack2 drop2 cat2 rugged2 drop feel for real for real front fuck with gangsta go hard hardcore ⋅ homie jam ⋅ joint ⋅ Mac MC pen ⋅ platinum ⋅ play ⋅ plex push rapper real ⋅ real ⋅ rhyme scratch ⋅ scratch ⋅ smooth ⋅ soft ⋅ spit talk shit ⋅ thug underground ⋅ wack wild ⋅ wild on ⋅ hot beef crack kick ⋅ rep ⋅ rhyme yo as shit bang ⋅ bitch bite ⋅ break it down ⋅ buster bust butter-soft ⋅ chinchilla clap ⋅ clique cop correct crab
Domains Music
Etymology a reference to early, wax-based media, on which recorded sounds were engraved
Related concepts bust flow go off hip-hop rap represent rhyme rip ⋅ rock spit

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