on point

prepositional phrase
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of a person, performing well;
of a statement, accurate, true to life
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Collocates joint10 I'mma4 homie4 rhyme3 joint3 check2 hood2 beat2 flow2 muh'fucker2 game2 gat2 smoke2 bitch2 burner cat ⋅ chicken club diss down ⋅ down with ⋅ drop dump flavor for real game green hate ⋅ heat hella honey ⋅ hood how we do ice jake ⋅ jam ⋅ knot live ⋅ money ⋅ no doubt ⋅ pack po-po rock scrill shank ⋅ sheisty soldier ⋅ static steez tight tree Vogue yo Zenith spit thug DJ ⋅ god joint ⋅ slip ⋅ sucker weed B ⋅ beef bent ⋅ blunt bump ⋅ bumrush
Etymology from the 1930s in sense meaning "accurate", "relevant"
Synonyms cavi crunk def dope fresh hot hype John Blaze John Blazed John Blazin off the chain off the heezy off the hizzle off the hizzy off the hook peng spank tight
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