off the hook

prepositional phrase
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Collocates shook4 off the chain2 bitch2 off the heezy2 spot2 yo2 -ass A.T.L. ayo banger ⋅ bopper buster cheeba ⋅ clique club dog don mega dope drop fa sheezy for real fuck with hater hood jook pop ⋅ put it down shit ⋅ shot soft ⋅ squad swag throwed ⋅ wifey ⋅ four pound peep
Derivatives off the heezy
Domains Everyday
Etymology perhaps from the telephone expression to ring off the hook
Synonyms cavi crunk def dope fresh hot hype John Blaze John Blazed John Blazin off the chain off the heezy off the hizzle off the hizzy on point peng spank tight
Related words off the chain off the meat rack
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