Tone Lōc


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an ounce of marijuana, cocaine, or some other drug
Collocates ki19, slang7, tree6, kilo4, rock4, rolly4, move4, chop3, dime3, weed2, white2, cop2, eightball2, flip2, front2, G2, gram2, O.G.2, serve2, sizzurp2, bitch, blow, blow, blunt, boss, buster, cane, cheddar, chicken, china white, coke, come up, cook, crew, dime bag, dough, dub, got, haze, homie, hundred-sack, icy, kush, O.G., Olde E, puff, pump, quarter, roll with, 40, sling, snowflake, straight, twist up, uzi, whip, bird
Domains Drug Sales
Synonyms onion, zip
Related concepts eightball, eighth, lid, quarter
Related words O, ounce

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