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much or many
(frequently used by Caribbean rappers)
Collocates props6, rhyme4, flow3, la3, pack2, heat2, shot2, boogie-down2, block2, clip2, crew2, game2, fiend, ghost, glock, gwan, HK, hype, ill, kick, lick, loot, 5-0, mom dukes, peeps, play, projects, roll with, roughneck, sheisty, skunk, thug, rock, weed, yo, yo, rock, represent, pump, rap, 45, straight up and down, Calico, dinero, round, crazy, mad, bitch, bring, buckshot, Bucktown, bud, burn, clock, cop, dime bag, drop, Dutch
Etymology from enough
Synonyms crazy, hella, mad
Related concepts to the max
Rhymes shyst'

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