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the Magnolia housing projects in New Orleans, Louisiana
Categories Abbreviations, Locations
Collocates soldier7, Calio3, Melph2, 62, beef2, bitch2, brah2, uptown2, dog2, feel, fine, fuck with, hit, hoe, mill, N.O., on lock, player, projects, push, put it down, rep, represent, represent, ride, ride, smoke, straight up, to the fullest, wild, ya heard, Clover, strapped, -ass, and shit, baby mama, Benz, bitch, chill, CP3, down with
Etymology Derives from Magnolia
Holonyms N.O.
Synonyms Mac
Related concepts bounce, Calio, Calliope, CP3, Dirty South, Melph, Melpomene

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