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a $5 sack of marijuana (or another drug)
Categories Quantities
Collocates dime26, brick8, 205, trey4, dub3, block2, chop up2, cop2, gram2, hustle2, push2, serve2, sling2, -ass, ayo, bag, ball, bitch, blood, body, cake, cheeba, clip, come up, crack, Crip, dome, 50, game, green, hit, hustle, I'mma, murk, ounce, pound, powder, projects, puff, pump, purple, rhyme, roll, sack, shorty, smoke, spit, talk shit, yo
Domains Drug Sales
Etymology Derives from nickel bag
Related concepts 20, 50, bag, balloon, dime, dime bag, dub, eightball, eighth, hundred-pack, ounce, pound, quarter, sack, trey
Related words nickel

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