Divine Force Crew


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Brooklyn, New York
Categories Locations
Collocates god5, yo4, nina3, chickenhead2, gat2, hoe2, -ass, Bed-Stuy, beamer, blast, block, bring, broccoli, bud, burn, Cali, cop, crack, crawl, crazy, game, glock, green, hard, hardcore, in the house, knot, lamp, no doubt, puff, Shaolin, soldier, step up, style, tight, Y.O.
Domains Five Percent
Region East Coast, N Y C
Etymology from the Arabic madīna meaning "town", "city"
Holonyms 718
Meronyms Bed-Stuy, Brownsville, Bushwick, East New York, Flatbush
Related concepts BX, Q-Boro, Shaolin

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