MC Hammer


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Collocates chain5, havin' thangs5, bitch4, game4, H-town4, off the chain4, what it do4, maintain3, what it do3, cane2, -ass2, third coast2, baby mama2, ball2, bitch2, bruh2, coke2, fin'2, gank2, glock2, hoe2, holla at ya boy2, keep it real2, long2, lucci2, paper2, posse up2, swanga2, trill2, what it is2, ya heard2, yo2, 211, 40, A1, B.I., baller, biatch, big-ballin, bird, bitch, block, blow, bop, buck-wild, Cadillac, cake, chinchilla, chips, chronic, clique up, Clover, club, cop, crack, crunk, crunk, cuddy, Cutty, d-boy, D-town, dirt, dirty, down, down with, drank, drop, X, fetti, floss, flossed out, flow, four fifth, G, gangbang, geeked, good, got, grain, hard, hater, heat, hyna, hit, hundred-pack, hustler, I'mma, Ian, iced-out, indo, Jacob, janky, kush, let off, mob, off the hizzle, on lock, on lock, on point, on the grind, on the low, out chea, paid, pine, player-hate, playa-made, pop, push, reggie, rep on, ride, roll with, roll, round, sack, scratch, scrilla, shot-caller, show out, simp, slab, slang, slow your roll, slug, stack, steady, straight up, strapped, the Bay, 3-wheel, thuggish, trap, trill, turnt up, weight, yadadamean, yayo, zip
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Etymology from a regional pronunciation of man
Synonyms B, dog, G, god, homeboy, homie, loc, son, wodie

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