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intransitive verb
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to persist;
to survive
Collocates game7, cane6, slang6, tryna5, hustle5, I'mma5, gangbang4, blast4, stack4, keep it real3, mayne3, paper3, rap3, chill3, gang3, rapper2, scrilla2, homie2, hold it down2, game2, G2, flip2, dog2, grind2, bust2, bent2, bang2, Mary Jane2, mash2, gat, go hard, grain, green, hard, hoe, hood, hood, hustler, hydro, in the mix, l, loot, mad, make it rain, po-po, punk, rhyme, rock, shife, shot, soldier, son, spit, spot, street, sucker, thug, twisted, underground, wack, what up, wig, wild out, word is bond, yo, word is born, 6, 9 to 5, a-alike, ayo, ball, bitch, bitch, bling, block, booty, bud, bust, cat, cheddar, clip, Compton, dead, dro, dunn, e'ry, fade, fall off, fam, floss, freaky, fuck with, fuck with, game
Domains Everyday
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