Too $hort


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Collocates stack14 about5 pusher4 bout4 down3 all about3 dog2 player2 hustle2 I'mma2 hoe2 yayo2 A.T.L.2 bitch2 block2 dirt2 dome2 long2 fuck with2 hella2 ends fa sheezy fam ⋅ phat ⋅ fed fish scale for real fuck with G game game gank gat get your ____ on hater hit ⋅ hood hustle it's all good keep it real ki loosie ⋅ loot ⋅ Mac move nathan rap re-up round ⋅ shell ⋅ shorty ⋅ smoke ⋅ snaps son Sprewell stack strap ⋅ tall ⋅ the vapors throw a set thug life ⋅ trap trick ⋅ triple beam tryna weight bump ⋅ dough stack up ⋅ steady yo 24-7 25 with an L Audi ball ⋅ bank biatch breezy clique clip clock ⋅ crack crack rock crazy dank ⋅ dump
Domains Money
Synonyms bank bread broccoli cabbage cake celery cheddar cheese chips commas cream decimals digits dinero dough ends feta fetti figures gouda green guac guacamole guap lettuce lucci luchini pape paper papes root of evil scrill scrilla snaps trap yaper

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