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a Cadillac
Antonyms hooptie
Collocates D's7, roll7, Vogue5, swanga5, mack3, 84's3, gat3, -ass2, 202, Bentley2, True2, blow2, push2, dub2, Benz2, 42, shorty2, bend corners2, weight2, yac2, candy2, Lex2, ride2, clock, coca, cocaina, crack, dap, deep, doja, dump, elbow, family, fetti, fed, floss, fly, 44, fuck with, G, G-ride, hit, hoe, homeboy, homie, hootie hoo, hustle, indo, killer, llama, locs, Mac, move, old school, on the d-low, Optimo, pack, Phantom, pimp, pusher, pusher, rap, retarded, ride, rims, sack, serve, sit on, slanger, slide, snaps, spit, stack, steady, strapped, strap, swang, thug, tight, tool, tote, trap house, triple gold, trip, weed, what it do, whip, whip, white-wall, Forgis, Range Rov, bitch, Clover, dip, hit a lick, hit switches, hood, roll, whip, bach, 64, Ac, baller, ball, beat, Benzy, bitch, bump, bump, bust, cheese, chicken, chrome
Domains Proprietary
Etymology Derives from Cadillac
Synonyms Caddy
Related concepts Ac, beamer, Bentley, Benz, BM, Bugatti, ghost, Maybach, Range, Range Rover, Rolls, Rolls Royce

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