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Collocates puff20 puff5 roll3 spark up3 spark2 mad2 chill2 nuff2 weed2 coke ⋅ cool ⋅ cop crack drop-top ⋅ 40 40 ounce ganja ⋅ green homie hood lifted nickel bag O ⋅ on lock Optimo pop dukes ⋅ push QBC QB represent rock sack speak ⋅ sticky ⋅ throw down twist ⋅ yo yo muh'fucker burn ⋅ 365 balloon ⋅ boom check ⋅ chief chocha chop
Domains Drugs Marijuana
Etymology perhaps referring to la-la land as comparison to the marijuana high
Shout-outs Jay-Z Killa Kyleon Los Angeles Lakers Ma$e Sky Bar Volvo
Synonyms 420 boom broccoli cabbage celery doja dro good grass green green leaf herb hydro hydroponic illy indo indonesia ism killer kush loud mota onion peng piff pine purp red hair sess skama skunk sour diesel swag tree weed

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