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keep it real

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to be genuine
Antonyms front
Collocates I'mma16, dog8, trill8, steel7, hate6, G4, homie4, hood4, props3, game3, feel3, front3, maintain3, mill3, represent3, yo3, blow3, pack3, cat2, gat2, ese2, game2, ayo2, bitch2, kill2, word up2, peeps2, son2, street2, thug2, trip2, what's up2, what it is2, player-hate2, mayne2, ill2, holla, holla back, hollow-point, holmes, homeboy, hoodie, hot, hustler, hustle, hype, jigga, keep it 100, live, mad, mail, mob, money, no doubt, on the grind, peace, player, play, put it down, rapper, rap, rap, raw, realness, recognize, recognize, represent, rhyme, roll with, scrill, shorty, shorty, shout-out, stack, strapped, stunt, thug, tote, trill, wood-wheel, word is bond, nahmsayin, yo, rock, wreck shop, -ass, 619, 64, 9, beat, bitch, blood, boo, break off, bust, chill, chronic, clique, connect, crack, crawl, Crooklyn, deuces, dope, dub, figures, flow, fly, for real, fuckboy, fuck with, fugazi, gangbang, god, grill, gutter, H, half-step, hoe, hold it down
Domains Everyday
Synonyms keep it 100, maintain, rep, represent
Related concepts raw, show and prove, show out, trill
Related words real

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