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a gun
Categories Metonyms Weapons
Collocates slang24 tote5 blast2 four pound beef beef bitch bodega ⋅ buck ⋅ cat ⋅ chain ⋅ chrome clap ⋅ clique crib Desert Eagle furl let off mash out Melpomene ⋅ pack pop ⋅ pump ⋅ ride ⋅ roll with round ⋅ sheisty shife shot slang soldier ⋅ son spit stash ⋅ strapped thug uptown ⋅ vest ⋅ wet bitch wodie
Shout-outs Josephine Mossberg
Synonyms bammer biscuit booyaka burner gat heat heater jammy llama ratchet roscoe steel toast tool toolie whistle

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