Cold Crush Brothers

in the cut

prepositional phrase
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in seclusion, out of the way
Collocates chill4, Dutch3, homie3, on the low2, roll2, max2, 92, brick2, cheese, Chucks, cluck, cool, Crenshaw, crew, def, dope, finna, floss, freestyle, fucked up, gangsta, gank, glock, Henny, hoe, hollow-point, how we do, iced-up, kick it, kush, lace up, nina ross, on the cut, ounce, paper, parlay, peep, peep out, player, re-up, regulate, ride, roll up, serve, serve, 64, slizzard, snitch, TEC-9, telly, that's what's up, thug, trip, wackness, weed, what up, wooler, yam, yo, Brownsville, yac, on the under, steez, bitch, 40, Backwoods, bitch, club, holla at, skama, son, St. Ides, 187, 24-7, 45, all about, blunt, burner, cat
Related concepts chill, cool, cool out, kick it, lamp, on chill, parlay
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