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Collocates keep it real9 stunt9 grind7 go hard6 guap6 keep it 1006 tool5 dog5 make it rain5 murk5 cop5 Dutch4 rep4 murder4 Rari4 telly4 baby mama4 wet3 bitch3 package3 hate3 drop3 yo3 5-03 gauge3 weight3 glizzy3 rap3 on the grind3 blast3 swanga3 Benz3 gank3 word is born3 biatch3 shotty3 clip3 stack3 slang3 good3 trife3 tree2 U.P.T.2 wack2 what it do2 wig2 wodie2 ya heard2 freak2 mad2 drank2 air out2 402 wild-thing2 ball2 four fifth2 on the low low2 how we do2 mine2 out of pocket2 buddha2 bitch2 Calico2 homie2 on the daily2 beat2 figures2 hoe2 H-town2 up2 pole2 blunt2 let off2 on the low2 thugged-out2 ki2 Lex bubble2 wood-wheel2 crack2 maintain2 crew2 dank2 dip2 dead2 paid2 whip2 mad2 on wax2 G2 re-up2 rhyme2 hood2 double R2 Forgis2 beef2 slug2 bopper2 scrilla2 slab2 jack boy2 bust2 chill2 brick2 peeps2 buck-fifty2 straight up2 parlay2 ride2 swag2 soldier2 spark2 TEC2 the Bay2 thug2 plug2 front hooptie hustle hustler hops punk recognize ⋅ molly jack ⋅ Jacob like a boss roll sherm stick shife shit ⋅ show out luchini mayne mean-mug move on the d-low iced-out played-out illy hood kicks nick roll up ⋅ spinner ⋅ trap star Vogue wanksta straight up sucker zip talk shit ⋅ to the max slip ⋅ trip soft ⋅ vest ⋅ snatch ⋅ spray ⋅ woolie 30-30 steady steelo stick ⋅ snaps the A slanger sling ⋅ thick ⋅ swang ⋅ tryna X.O. YOLO squeeze ⋅ slang son spray ⋅ 9 milli stripes MC represent sleep on flavor fly true dat lace ⋅ mash out money-maker rims blaze up ⋅ shorty ⋅ skully slab A-town Smith & Wess chin check break it down ⋅ Cali digits shout-out ⋅ static drop let off breezy show and prove sneak dis on the under aggy tote your ass is grass fed thugged-up diss ghost chips white whip wreck shop guacamole knock out the box lock it down ⋅ guac automatic ⋅ fin FN ⋅ 24-7-365 84's bar bark ⋅ beef black ⋅ blast ⋅ bolo 6 bank 24-7 bitch Beretta central booking bick back floss fuck with G G gangsta lean gators get over get over on god green gutter hard havin' thangs hip-hop hit a lick H.N.I.C. homeboy fit 20-sack boogie-down chopstick bag ⋅ bit ⋅ bit ⋅ flossed out opp bang ⋅ Loubs shotta top bout ⋅ fed charge it to the game fifth bang ⋅ head ⋅ neck play ⋅ broccoli word is bond cheese on point sawed-off learn put it down hold it down dump gat ghetto hit ⋅ ride ⋅ time roll turn it out wood-grain yo zooted hit switches nahmean ⋅ nina simp spit spit ice bust cheddar clown on j's peace out pump ⋅ long push represent body bwoy ⋅ bling Caddy Calio candy ⋅ chain ⋅ chicken chickenhead booty ⋅ Chuck Taylors clock ⋅ clown ⋅ club bumrush commas correct cream Crenshaw crunked up cut ⋅ cut up D chopper Desert Eagle dick ⋅ clique ends dimepiece ese corner ⋅ feta crazy phat ⋅ Crooked I blood ⋅ blow up ⋅ bop brain bread bruh ⋅ bust doja drop geah ⋅ D's bust a nut dough fire bach D bling hood MAC-10 ⋅ mail melon no homo hood-rat old school on one jammy on swoll ounce ⋅ player-hate pull someone's card sit on skama knot lid ⋅ skins ⋅ skrt scrill mill ⋅ Mo City
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