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combining form
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an intensifier, typically formed by combining with the first part of the following word
(popularized in the early 1990s by Das EFX)
Collocates wack4, rock3, beef2, bumrush2, check2, freak2, gangsta2, Henny2, rhyme2, word2, wreck2, 9, back, bang, beat, Benz, blunt, bust, cavi, chronic, clap, clock, cock, Compton, dope, dope, dopeness, dreads, drop, drop, 5-0, front on, G, gat, grass, herb, hip-hop, hood, hops, ill, jam, mack, mack daddy, mad, MC, Nolia, O, Oaktown, off the hizzle, on the regular, pop, pop, punk, rap, rap, raw, rep, rims, roughneck, shotty, slammin, smoke, son, spark, strapped, the Bay, thick, twerk, wig, wreck shop, Phantom, 41st side, uptown
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