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Categories Possessions
Collocates rolly14, rock8, bling6, chain5, Jacob4, bezel3, bling3, gangsta3, Jacob3, Jesus piece3, on froze3, bitch2, bling2, cop2, crazy2, frost2, frostbit2, froze2, I'mma2, rims2, rock2, snatch2, 3-stripe2, trife2, whip2, -ass, 83's, 9 to 5, about, Ac, Air Max, AP, bitch, bomb, boo, chill, cock, dead, dimepiece, Dom P, drop, flooded, floss, flossed out, flow, four fifth, frosty, fugazi, G-ride, grill, guap, hate, head, hot one, ice grill, ice grill, locs, lucci, MC, on point, pack, presidential, squad, swag, swanga, toolie, wodie
Derivatives ice cubes, iced-out, iced-up
Domains Fashion
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the late 1800s
Synonyms frost, rocks
Related concepts frosty, icy, piece, rocked up

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