The Pharcyde


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marijuana grown with hydroponics
Collocates 5-03, blow3, Henny2, on the low2, Optimo2, puff2, puff2, red hair2, reefer2, roll2, slang2, 40, ayo, Backwoods, bang, blaze, blaze, bomb, broccoli, chief, chief, chronic, crack, dinero, doja, dope, dro, Dutch, flow, Hennessy, ill, lifted, live, loud, maintain, mayne, on the d-low, peace out, pine, po-po, rhyme, ride, ride, rock, roll up, sess, shorty, slide, stack, steel, straight, trick, 20-sack, Van City, weed, whip, yo, zip
Derivatives dro
Domains Drugs, Marijuana
Etymology Derives from hydroponic

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