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Collocates fed5, hyna5, 645, run a train4, O.G.4, clique up4, stripes4, keep it real4, G-ride3, on point3, tool3, G3, click3, chill3, hood3, in the cut3, baby mama3, what's up3, back in the day3, block2, what it is2, fire2, pound2, fucked up2, guap2, 25 with an L2, Y.G.2, I'mma2, heat2, hoe2, j2, murk2, on the grind2, skrt2, bitch2, Lex2, loco2, LBC2, what it do2, Oaktown2, props2, yo2, -ass2, raza2, shotty2, shout-out2, trap2, vest2, yac2, maintain2, Dutch2, around the way2, dump2, H-town2, on lock2, crazy2, faded, fin', floss, floss on, 40, fresh, gangsta lean, gangsta rap, gank, gank move, ghost, glock, grimy, hard, dog, e, 211, 40, indo, l, lean, let off, loc up, loc'd, loc, M16, mack, mash, mine, mom dukes, nina, on one, on the regular, ounce, parlay, peace, peep, phat, Piru, play, player-hate, player-hate on, played-out, player, pop, powder, puff, puff, put it down, rap, ratchet, real, realness, representer, rhyme sayer, ride, ride, rims, run game on, sack, seed, 7:30, sherm, shit, shit, simp, simp, slang, sleep on, smoke, spark up, squab, stack, static, swerve, telly, time, toolie, tote, trap house, trife, trife, strap, impala, kush, keep it 100, kick, in the wind, wild, zip, blaze, Crip, gully, rock, kick it, on lock, slang, for real, player-hate, fuck with, hydraulics, la, Lorenzo, O.P.P., pound, presi, real, simon, stunt, triple O.G., come up, clap, cuddy, dick, old school, all about, cholo, dimepiece, hoodie, got 5 on it, homegirl, low-low, player-hater, roll on, straight, what up, ya heard, holla at, hella, hustler, fed, ice grill, what's crackin', diss, dap, fifth, gangsta, push someone's wig back, Timbos, blicky, East New York, perk, bing, slug, hold it down, go hard, peep out, po-po, roll with, the Bay, 5-0, wet, chicken, front, Brownsville, weed, 187, lac, 619, 8, 9, 9 milli, A-town, B.I., beef, Benz, bid, blaze, blow up, third coast, body, bootylicious, booyah, bout it, broccoli, bump, bust a nut, Calico, cane, celly, chips, Clover, club, corner, crack, crib, cuff, D, D's, dank, dank, dap, deuces, diss, down, down with, eightball, ends
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1920s
Holonyms crew
Synonyms B, dog, gangsta, god, homeboy, homegirl, loc, mayne, son, wodie
Related concepts holmes

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