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Collocates 645 hyna5 fed5 keep it real4 O.G.4 run a train4 clique up4 stripes4 G3 on point3 in the cut3 G-ride3 hood3 what's up3 tool3 baby mama3 back in the day3 chill3 click3 maintain2 yac2 skrt2 trap2 vest2 25 with an L2 Y.G.2 -ass2 block2 crazy2 pound2 what it is2 yo2 dump2 Dutch2 bitch2 what it do2 fire2 guap2 fucked up2 H-town2 heat2 hoe2 I'mma2 j2 LBC2 Lex2 mine2 loco2 murk2 Oaktown2 on lock2 on the grind2 props2 raza2 shotty2 shout-out2 around the way2 down with ⋅ e eightball ends faded floss floss on fresh gangsta lean gangsta rap gank gank move ghost glock grimy hard impala ⋅ in the wind indo keep it 100 kick ⋅ kush l lean let off loc up loc'd loc ⋅ M16 ⋅ mack ⋅ mash ⋅ mom dukes ⋅ nina on one on the regular ounce ⋅ parlay peace ⋅ peep phat ⋅ Piru play ⋅ player-hate player-hate on played-out player pop ⋅ powder puff ⋅ puff ⋅ put it down rap ratchet real ⋅ realness representer ⋅ rhyme sayer ride ⋅ ride ⋅ rims run game on sack seed ⋅ 7:30 sherm shit ⋅ shit ⋅ simp simp slang sleep on smoke ⋅ spark up squab ⋅ stack static strap ⋅ swerve ⋅ telly time toolie tote trap house trife trife wild ⋅ zip blaze ⋅ Crip ⋅ gully rock for real kick it ⋅ on lock slang come up ⋅ clap ⋅ cuddy dick ⋅ fuck with hydraulics la Lorenzo O.P.P. player-hate pound ⋅ presi real ⋅ simon ⋅ stunt triple O.G. all about ⋅ cholo dimepiece old school got 5 on it hella holla at ⋅ homegirl ⋅ hoodie hustler low-low player-hater roll on straight what up ⋅ ya heard fed ice grill what's crackin' dap diss fifth gangsta push someone's wig back Timbos blicky 357 ⋅ 38 ⋅ fin FN ⋅ East New York ⋅ perk hitter ⋅ bing 5-0 Brownsville chicken front go hard hold it down peep out ⋅ po-po roll with slug the Bay weed wet lac 187 211 third coast 40 40 619 8 9 9 milli A-town B.I. beef Benz bid blaze ⋅ blow up ⋅ body bootylicious booyah bout it ⋅ broccoli bump ⋅ bust a nut Calico cane celly chips Clover club corner ⋅ crack crib cuff D D's dank ⋅ dank ⋅ dap deuces diss dog down
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1920s
Synonyms cuddy god slime vato wodie woe

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