Afrika Bambaataa & The Jazzy 5


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a guy;
a male friend
Categories Terms Of Address
Collocates yo4, chill3, block2, what's up2, beef2, baby mama2, hyna2, Califas, celly, chrome, chronic, clique up, cold, crack, crew, dank, dope, fiend, fly, front, fugazi, game, go hard, Hollis, hood, keep it real, keyed, ki, kick, lac, loc, Oaktown, on the cut, on the daily, peace out, puff, raza, represent, rhyme, ride, ride, rims, rope, shout-out, simp, sit on, skanless, skunk, snatch, spark, spray up, steady, street, stripes, thug, time, turn it out, underground, what's crackin', Caddy, I'mma, Phantom, stunt, club, 5-0, floss, crazy, front, front on, holla at, sweat, weed, clip, around the way, Audi 5000, ayo, B.I., Benz, biatch
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1960s
Synonyms B, crew, dog, fam, G, god, homie, loc, mayne, son, wodie
Related words homegirl

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