Afrika Bambaataa & The Jazzy 5


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a guy;
a male friend
Categories Terms Of Address
Collocates chill3, block2, what's up2, beef2, crack2, yo2, Benz, biatch, Caddy, Califas, celly, chrome, clique up, clip, club, cold, crazy, crew, dope, 5-0, fly, front, fugazi, game, go hard, holla at, Hollis, hood, I'mma, keep it real, keyed, kick, lac, loc, Oaktown, peace out, Phantom, puff, raza, ride, shout-out, simp, sit on, skunk, spark, spray up, street, stripes, stunt, sweat, thug, time, turn it out, underground, weed, fed, thugged-out, it's on, tryna, bid, Clinton, peeps, baby mama, hyna, around the way, Audi 5000, B.I.
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1960s
Synonyms B, crew, dog, fam, G, god, homie, loc, mayne, son, wodie
Related words homegirl

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